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The global hemp industry needs Science not Sensationalism

The Federation of International Hemp Organizations (FIHO) supports research and science aimed at the development of new hemp products and markets including animal feed stocks. A recent article sensationalized hemp fed cows as intoxicated without any scientific review of the study, its intentions or results. The regulatory pathway for hemp feed is being developed by scientists and researchers, who…

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Statement on the product test of different hemp foods in the magazine Öko-Test

“That’s where Öko-Test needs to work cleaner!” Herewith we would like to comment as a long-time producer of hemp foods, on the article published by Öko-Test, especially the evaluation of the hemp oils “tested” there. Our brand quality “Hemp Farm” hemp oil was (unfortunately) not included in this test. Therefore, we are (unfortunately) not directly…

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Bio Daniel Kruse (EN/GER)

  Daniel KruseCEO, Hempro Int. GmbHCEO, HempConsult GmbHCEO, Hemp Factory GmbH President,European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) Daniel Kruse, a pioneer of the hemp industry since 1995, is, inter alia, founder and managing director of Hempro International GmbH, Hemp Factory GmbH and HempConsult GmbH, three of Europe`s leading hemp players. Kruse has decades of experience in…

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Hemptoday – Hempro special

Man of Hemp – Hemptoday German entrepreneur Daniel Kruse recently marked his 25-year anniversary in industrial hemp. HempToday talked with Europe’s busiest hemp executive about the past, present and future of the industry. DANIEL KRUSE is the founder of Hempro International GmbH, a vertically integrated, Düsseldorf-based producer and wholesaler of hemp food products and raw…

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Recent studies on reasonable dietary intake level of THC

Englisch: Recent studies* suggest that EFSA’s THC guidance value of 1 µg/kg bw/day from food intake is unnecessary too low. These studies suggest a 7- to 12-fold increase of the level. This would take away a lot of pressure from farmers and food industry who are often targeted by authorities. Particularly when considering climate protection, it…

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Hemp Manifest

Europe is facing an emergency of unprecedented proportions that will profoundly change, if not upend, our lives in all their aspects. The crisis represents an irreversible change in the existing world order and will bring about new models in the social, health, political and economic spheres that will determine the future of generations to come.…

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