Hemp Manifest

Oktober 2016

Europe is facing an emergency of unprecedented proportions that will profoundly change, if not upend, our lives in all their aspects. The crisis represents an irreversible change for the existing world order and will bring new models in the social, health, political and economic spheres that will determine the future of generations to come. This makes it all the more important for Europe to take the right path now.

The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) represents the European hemp sector and wants to show Europe the way forward with the Hemp Manifesto.

Dieses Dokument zeigt, wie sich das Potenzial der ganzen Hanfpflanze voll ausschöpfen lässt, um den Übergang zu einer emissionsfreien, ökologischen und nachhaltigen Wirtschaftvoranzutreiben. Geben Sie Hanf eine Chance und entdecken Sie seine zahlreichen Vorteile. Wie?Das Manifest enthält 10 Eckpunkte mit konkreten Vorschlägen, die zu entschlossenem Handeln führen sollen.

This document shows how the potential of the whole hemp plant can be fully exploited to drive the transition to a zero-emissions, green and sustainable economy. Give hemp a chance and discover its many benefits. The Manifesto contains 10 key points with concrete proposals that should lead to decisive action.

Our solution is green, innovative and tangible.

The European hemp sector is ready to commit to the future.

Do you also want to be part of the #Hemprevolution?

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