25 years of HanfHaus Düsseldorf: From police station to European market leader

  • HanfHaus is one of the oldest hemp stores in Germany
  • Organic food, fashion, cosmetics and accessories from useful hemp
  • From 2 to 53 employees and from 0 to 17 million euros in sales in 25 years

Düsseldorf – It all started in the former police station in Düsseldorf’s old town: At Mühlenstraße 10, Daniel Kruse and his partner at the time opened HanfHaus in 1995, a store for products made from useful hemp – from jeans to hair shampoo. Today, 25 years later, HanfHaus is one of the most successful commercial hemp companies in Europe.

The small store, has developed under Daniel Kruse into a German group of companies for the cultivation of industrial hemp and the production and distribution of hemp products.

In 2019, the group generated sales of 17 million euros and employed 53 people. Today, HempHouse is the leading online store for organic food, fashion, cosmetics and accessories made from industrial hemp, including an outlet in Düsseldorf. While HanfHaus exclusively supplies end customers, Hempro International provides B2B customers with the complete range of products made from industrial hemp.

“When I got into the hemp business 25 years ago, everyone thought I was crazy – partly because I wanted to do something for the environment and the climate,” recalls hemp pioneer and CEO Daniel Kruse. “Today, the topic is more topical than ever before.”

Hemp rocking chairs are no longer part of the HanfHaus program, but pretty much everything that can be made from hemp. From organic hemp tea and organic hemp protein powder to attractive women’s and men’s fashion made from hemp fibers to backpacks and futons – hemp is one of the most diverse raw materials in the world.

HempHaus boss Rebecca Kruse, who has been managing director of Hempro Int. since 2006 and is responsible for product development, among other things – also wears hemp, of course. “Fashion made of hemp has long since outgrown the eco-corner and is visually hardly distinguishable from conventional clothing. From an environmental and sustainability point of view, however, hemp is way ahead,” says Rebecca Kruse.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of HanfHaus, customers can expect numerous anniversary offers and discounts in the online store and in the outlet. When shopping, especially the new customer is surprised what there is everything from useful hemp.

HanfHaus Online Shop


HanfHaus Outlet Münsterstraße 336 40470 Düsseldorf

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About HempHouse

HanfHaus is the experienced and qualified supplier of organic food, women’s and men’s fashion, cosmetics, bags and backpacks made from hemp. Sustainable products made from useful hemp since 1995.

HemfHaus is a service of Hempro Int. GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Düsseldorf. The company consistently advances the use of useful hemp for natural and climate-friendly products.

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