SynBiotic SE: Europe’s most significant cannabis merger

  • SynBiotic SE acquires 50.1% of the group of companies from Daniel Kruse at a valuation of 11.2 million euros
  • Hemp Farm GmbH, Hempro International GmbH, Hemp Factory GmbH and MH medical hemp GmbH flow into the German cannabis group
  • EIHA President Daniel Kruse and industry pioneer Rafael Dulon together bring half a century of cannabis expertise to SynBiotic SE
  • SynBiotic SE raises sales forecast for 2021 to €15 million (pro forma consolidated)

It is the most significant merger in the European cannabis sector. SynBiotic SE acquires 50.1% of Daniel Kruse’s group of companies with four leaders in their fields at a valuation of 11.2 million euros and secures the subsequent acquisition of the remaining 49.9% by option. With this, the listed cannabis group raises its revenue forecast for 2021 to 15 million euros.

With the four companies of Daniel Kruse, Hanf Farm GmbH, Hempro International GmbH, Hemp Factory GmbH and MH medical hemp GmbH, the portfolio of SynBiotic SE is enriched by important infrastructures and profitable brands. Lars Müller, CEO of SynBiotic SE: “The cooperation with Daniel Kruse is a real accolade in the cannabis sector. SynBiotic SE will benefit massively from the know-how of half a century that industry pioneers Daniel Kruse and Rafael Dulon bring with them.

Comparable acquisitions have only been made in Canada so far. This makes the merger the most significant in the European cannabis sector. I am honored by Daniel Kruse’s and Rafael Dulon’s confidence in SynBiotic SE and it shows that we are on the right track with our vision.”

Daniel Kruse has been an entrepreneur in the hemp food sector for over 25 years, with a focus on cannabinoids such as CBD. He is also president of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA). His collaboration with international experts as well as the advisory committee of the EIHA combines the profound know-how of practice and science in the hemp and food industry. Before the European Union and the German government, Kruse represents the hemp industry’s stakeholders. His work has been instrumental in advancing the legal and regulatory framework for the hemp industry.

Daniel Kruse, industry pioneer, entrepreneur and President of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), says about the merger: “After 25 years in the hemp industry, it is a great pleasure and honor for me to have found the right partner for the next decades in SynBiotic SE. The decades of experience and the supply chain of our group of companies find an excellent complement in the enormous dynamics of SynBiotic SE. Lars Müller and his team convince through sympathy and charisma, but above all through the highest professionalism and efficiency. This combination makes SynBiotic SE the next Unicorn candidate and for me a dream partner. The European hemp and cannabis market will develop into one of the most exciting and successful industries in the coming years. The challenges that still need to be mastered are well known, while the opportunities that will arise are unlimited.”

Rafael Dulon has also been active in the hemp industry for around 25 years. In 2015, he was awarded the Global Hemp Innovation Prize at the World Hemp Congress for the development of a hemp harvesting machine. Dulon’s expertise is evident in the cultivation, harvesting and processing of organic-quality commercial hemp. Rafael Dulon, Managing Director of Hanf Farm GmbH and expert member of the International Institute for Cannabinoids (ICANNA) on the merger: “The synergies created for Hanf Farm by joining the SynBiotic-SE Group will lead to significantly faster growth. In the strong association of the people and companies of SynBiotic SE, we will be able to significantly better realize our ambitious goals in expanding our capacities and competencies as an agricultural primary producer and primary processor of hemp. I am very happy that Lars Müller fully supports my ideas for the development of sustainable, organic agriculture. Together we will use the great potential of hemp in agriculture and market our healthy, climate-friendly products even more strongly, as well as develop many new products. I look forward to using my many years of experience to help support Lars Müller’s vision.”

That’s what’s behind the companies from Daniel Kruse’s group:

  • Hemp Farm GmbH: The largest organic hemp farm in Europe
  • Hempro International GmbH: The largest hemp food distributor in Central Europe, with an international network of suppliers and customers and profitable private labels.
  • Hemp Factory GmbH: Largest hemp food production in Central Europe
  • MH medical hemp GmbH: CBD expert and wholesaler with THC BtM permit

About SynBiotic SE

SynBiotic SE is the largest listed group of companies in Europe in the hemp and cannabis sector and pursues an EU-focused buy & build investment strategy. The group covers the entire supply chain from cultivation to production to retail – from field to shelf. One of the company’s core businesses is the research & development, production and marketing of cannabinoid and terpene-based solutions to major societal problems such as pain, sleep and anxiety. In doing so, SynBiotic SE is active not only in the dietary supplement and cosmetics markets, but also in the medical and, in the future, recreational cannabis sector.


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About Hempro International

Hempro International, as one of the leading companies in Europe, produces a comprehensive range of raw materials and products from hemp in certified organic quality. Customers are the hemp industry as well as producers and suppliers of food, cosmetics, textiles and accessories made from hemp.

Hempro International, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, consistently advances the use of hemp for natural and climate-friendly products. Hemp is one of the oldest useful plants in the world and can be used in many ways as a renewable raw material with high environmental compatibility.

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