The Hemp Line Cosmetics

Naturally beautiful with our cosmetic products!

Even Cleopatra, the beauty icon and Egyptian queen, knew about the extraordinary spectrum of effects that cosmetics made from hemp oil have. Her knowledge has now been proven by numerous studies. For our care products, we only use cold pressed hemp oil. It has a high proportion of essential fatty acids and gamma linolenic acid, which is particularly beneficial for the skin. Pamper your skin with exquisite ingredients and give it what it needs for a healthy and natural appearance. Our large variety of different products offers the right care for every need.

A large selection of our products are already certified in accordance with the guidelines of ICADA (International Cosmetic and Detergents Association Inc. ). These criteria include the following: as much as possible, plants from controlled organic cultivation or certified wild collection are used, animal and species protection concerns are taken into account – organic-synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated raw materials, silicones, paraffins and other petroleum-based raw materials are not permitted for various reasons.


The Phytalize Skincare range offers an exclusive selection of skincare products.

Phytalize Skincare is a private label of MH medical hemp GmbH. As an innovative and technologically leading company, MH medical hemp GmbH is specialised in cannabidiol (CBD) extraction, development, production and worldwide marketing of hemp-based cannabinoids and cannabidiol-containing products.

The unique formula of highly effective hemp-based and other natural plant-based ingredients was developed especially for the needs of even sensitive and demanding skin. The regenerating, skin-friendly properties of hemp oil combined with the antibacterial, relaxing and calming effect of the cannabinoids it contains, especially cannabidiol (CBD), as well as beneficial gamma-linolenic acid provide gentle care and extra moisture.

Phytalize Skincare cosmetic products are suitable for all skin types and for daily use. All ingredients are naturally derived and free of GMOs, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and artificial colours. They are never tested on animals.

Our promise

From the very beginning, we focus on a high degree of compatibility with the skin and the environment in our formulations. Neither in the development nor in the production or testing of our products are animal experiments carried out or commissioned.