Our range of raw materials

Whole hemp nuts

Whole hemp seeds are the raw material for a variety of food and feed products.
They can be almost completely processed or used whole.

Hulled hemp nuts

Unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and trace elements – the tender core of the hemp seed is a real superfood. When mixed in, it enhances the quality of a wide variety of foods.

Hulles roasted hemp nuts

Peeled and roasted hemp seeds combine the nutritional advantages of hemp seeds with the exquisite taste of gently roasted flavours. They are particularly suitable for pastries and cereals.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is an excellent alternative to other vegetable oils. It has a perfectly balanced ratio of the essential fatty acids Omega 3 through Omega 6 (1:3), and many other beneficial ingredients.

Hemp flour

Hemp flour makes a valuable contribution to healthy nutrition with its beneficial ingredients. As a cooking and baking ingredient, hemp flour enhances food and baked goods in a tasty way.

Hemp protein

As a pure plant-based, allergen-free protein source, hemp protein powder is particularly suitable for athletes, allergy sufferers, vegetarians and vegans. It contains all 21 amino acids as well as a multitude of vital nutrients.

Hemp fibre

Hemp fibre gives cereal, bread and other baked goods an extra portion of healthy nutrients and fibre. They contribute in a natural way to support and maintain the digestive system.

Hemp leaves

Gently dried, hemp leaves with their pleasant and mild aroma are suitable for processing into teas. As a cooking and baking ingredient, they refine soups, herbal salts and bread, for example.

Our experts

from Hempro International GmbH

Gunnar Balsat

Head of Sales

Gunnar Balsat is responsible for the planning, management and control of sales activities, and is happy to advise you on our raw material products.


Paul Reil

Quality Management

Paul Reil is responsible for maintaining and optimizing the quality standards of our food raw materials. He forms the interface between laboratory, production and customer.

Our own In-house solar-powered production facility

In-house solar-powered production facility

As much as possible from a single source, from the field to the shelf – that is what we want to offer our customers. Hempro is part of a group of companies with more than 25 years of experience in cultivation, processing and the trade of hemp raw materials. Our solar-powered production facility, designed for sustainability and environmental protection, is also part of this group and benefits from its expertise – for top quality products.

Raw material FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products certified organic? Do you have other certificates?

We offer both organic and conventional quality. Hempro International is HACCP and ISO 9001 certified.

Are your products tested?

All our products are tested by independent, accredited laboratories.

Are your products gluten-free?

Hemp is naturally gluten-free. However, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that a few gluten-containing cereal grains will not cause slight cross-contamination in the field due to wind or the like.
Before purchasing the goods, we will assess them for foreign contamination. Only the best quality is accepted by us and used for production. In addition, we also have normal goods tested for gluten content within our monitoring system in a laboratory accredited for this method.
According to Codex Alimentarius, a product containing <20 mg/kg gluten is considered gluten-free.

Do your products fall under the Novel Food regulation?

Foods made from hemp seeds (hemp seed oil, hemp flour etc.) are excluded by name in the current Novel Food recommendation of the European Commission.

Do your products contain CBD?

We do not analyse our products for cannabidiol because experience shows that the CBD content is rather low.
This is due to the fact that high CBD content is usually accompanied by higher THC content, which should be avoided in food.

Do your products contain THC?

Hemp nuts (botanically speaking they are nuts, not seeds) do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and strictly speaking, no delta-9-THC (psychoactive substance). Delta-9-THC is only present in the flowers of female plants and the shells surrounding the seeds. The Delta-9-THC content of hemp nuts is due to contamination of the resinous nut shells by the flowers/hulls. Due to the resinity, remnants of flowers/hulls stick to the shells. It is therefore very important to clean the nuts to remove as much adhering plant material as possible. However, a 100% cleaning is not possible.

We test every batch of our raw material for THC content. Depending on this result, we then decide how the hemp nuts can be used.

What is the minimum order quantity?

  • Hemp oil and hemp leaves: 5 kg.
  • Hemp protein 70: 10 kg
  • Hemp flour, hemp protein 30 and 50, and hulled hemp seeds: 20 kg.

Which packaging sizes do you offer?

  • Hemp oil: 5 kg canisters, 190 kg drums and 920 kg IBCs.
  • Hemp protein 70: 10 kg sack (250 kg per palette)
  • Hemp flour, hemp protein 30 and 50, and hulled hemp seeds: 20 kg sack (500 kg per palette)
  • Hemp leaves: 5 kg sack (100 kg per palette)

Are there recommendations for storage?

We recommend storing our products at a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius in a cool and dry place.

Inquiries, orders and other requests should be made directly via our contact form.